Friday, February 27, 2009

We're back from Tucson!

We've returned from our annual trip to the gem and mineral shows in Tucson, and we've brought back lots of wonderful beads!

  • An incredible assortment of new semiprecious gemstone beads, including:
  • A variety of shades of blue, such as larimar, chrysocolla, aquamarine, amazonite, and kyanite
  • A variety of browns, such as golden obsidian, desert jasper, bronzite, and Tibetan agate
  • Other stones, such as apatite and tourmaline
  • Fabulous tiny pearls in browns and blues, as small as 2 mm and 2 x 3 mm
  • Copper and enamel pendants and components from C-Koop Beads
  • Great new handpainted ceramic beads with art-inspired colors
  • Whimsical pendants, components and beads in lead-free pewter from Green Girl Studios
  • Intriguing glazed ceramic pendants from Golem Design Studio in Bulgaria
  • Delicately carved shell pendants from Lillypilly Designs
  • Beautiful new Kazuri ceramic beads from Africa
  • A new assortment of pearls, including coin pearls in many colors and sizes
  • Paua shell beads

Stop by the store and see the unveiling of the Tucson Treasures, and see some of the best that the Tucson shows have to offer!