Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Kit - Crystal Trellis Bracelet

New for March 2010 is the Crystal Trellis Bracelet kit. Create a ladder of Swarovski crystals in this woven bracelet with daisy spacers.

Colors available:

With antique silver spacers:
  • Blueberry Fields (rich purple, tanzanite)
  • Cranberry Punch (dark fuchsia, coral pink)
  • Steamy Cocoa (brown, dusty peach)
  • Lunar Eclipse (jet black, silver/grey)
  • Creme De Menthe (emerald, lt. emerald)
  • Antique Lantern (dark brass)
  • Napa Grapevine (dark amethyst, lt. amethyst)

With bright silver spacers:

  • Wispy Clouds (lt. blue opal, pale aqua)
  • Sapphire River (lt. blue, dark blue)
  • Irish Meadow (peridot, dark peridot)
  • Bridal Sequin (crystal, crystal rainbow)
  • Pink Peony (lt. rose, dark rose)
  • Nordic Springs (pale sky blue, dark aqua)
  • Peach Mimosa (white opal, peach rainbow)
For more information on this kit, visit our website.