Monday, July 12, 2010

New Kit - Caterpillar Cha-Cha Bracelet

This fun whimsical bracelet will add a sparkle to your day. Swarovski crystal dangles attached to double looped daisy spacers put this bracelet in motion

Featured in July 2010 issue of BeadStyle magazine.

Colors Available:
  • Chocolate Tango(dark bronze roundels, dark multi jeweltone crystals, silver tone)
  • Sangria Samba (Ruby roundels, pale pink to dark red crystals, gold tone)
  • Zircon Zumba (Teal roundels, bright blue, green, yellow, pink, pale purple crystals, silver tone)
  • Stormy Salsa (dusty blue roundels, teal, dusty blue, blue opal, grey crystals, silver tone)
  • Island Twist (aqua roundels, dark blue, white, blue opal, iridescent blue/green crystals, silver tone)
  • Rainbow Rumba (crystal AB roundels, pastel mix crystals, silver tone)
  • Mojito Flamenco (olivine roundels, pale green to deep emerald crystals, silver tone)
  • Mauve Minuet (rose roundels, pale pink, purple, purple opal, copper tone)
  • Granite Waltz (grey roundels, soft browns, soft silvers, grey opal crystals, silver tone)
  • Grape Lambada (purple roundels, deep purple mix crystals, silver or gold tone)
  • Midnight Moonwalk (jet black roundels, silver and black mix crystals, silver tone)
  • Carmel Hustle (opaque sand roundels, warm brown mix crystals, copper tone)
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